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Spotlight on Youth Leadership Team from Pennsylvania

Fifteen Youth Leadership Teams and ten Peer Mentors are currently planning the 2014 National Teen Distracted Driving Prevention Summit, and you are invited to attend! Summit participants learn how to engage their peers, parents, and policymakers around the dangers of distracted driving.

We are currently in the process of featuring the 2014 Youth Leadership Teams and their mentors. The sixth team we are highlighting is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can learn more about the Summit and get to know all the teams here.

Team Number Six:
Sean Devlin & Christopher Bunch

Roman Catholic High School
Philadelphia, PA

Sean is a high school senior and president of his school's Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) chapter. Sean is active with the swim and crew teams and plans to attend University of Pittsburgh next fall. Christopher is also a senior and serves as secretary of his school's SADD chapter. Christopher is active with Speak Up! and hopes to attend Neuman University next year. Sean and Christopher are planning a local summit, to take place shortly before the prom, with a focus on the dangers of distracted driving during prom season.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Sean and Christopher in Pennsylvania, contact NOYS.

Craig-Collins.gif Mentored by: Craig Collins
Cookeville High School
President, Traffic Education Saves Lives (T.E.S.T.)
Cookeville, TN

Craig is a high school senior at Cookeville High School, where is president of the Traffic Education Saves Teens (T.E.S.T.) club. Craig has been a speaker at state and national Lifesavers' conferences, as well as traffic safety events in his community. Craig looks forward to mentoring his peers looking to increase their own involvement in promoting youth traffic safety.

Check out all of our 2014-2015 Peer Mentors here.

Register for Teen Distracted Driving Prevention Summit

Car crashes are the #1 killer of youth in the United States. What are we doing about that?

Join us for the 2014 Teen Distracted Driving Prevention Summit and find out! Registration is now open. The Summit will take place at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Teen leaders from nearly 20 states will gather to learn how to engage their peers, parents, and policymakers in education about distracted driving among teens. Led by teen mentors who have successfully planned summits at the state level, the event is created by and hosted for inspired youth looking to be a catalyst for change. The summit is supported by the nation's leading experts in the field of traffic safety.

Registration Options:

  1. Youth & Advisor Participant Registration: Training Days & Summit (Oct. 18-21)
  2. Individual Participant Registration for Summit Day Only (Oct. 20)
  3. Exhibitor Registration
Questions about the Summit? Contact NOYS at 571-367-7171 or

Driver Distraction Research 

The Journal of Adolescent Health has released a new report, "Driver Distraction: A Perennial but Preventable Public Health Threat to Adolescents."

Report on Effective Teen Seat Belt Programs

More than half of teen drivers killed in 2012 were not wearing seat belts. A new report by the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) and The Allstate Foundation highlights effective teen seat belt programs in 12 states and examines the important components of each program. Read the full report: Getting It To Click! Connecting Teens and Seat Belts.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety  

NHTSA's new digital Bicycle Motion Graphics rely solely on non-verbal concepts, visual images, and animation to teach people who speak different languages and/or may be hearing impaired, basic bicycle safety concepts that include fitting a bike helmet, avoiding road hazards, and knowing the rules of the road.

Making NOYS for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

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Global Youth Traffic Safety Month: 196 countries, billions of people, one goal - U.S. Dept of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation announces Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

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