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Fast Facts

  • About 35 percent of high school students drank some amount of alcohol in the past 30 days.
  • Youth who drink alcohol are more likely to face issues with school, assault, memory problems, and more.
  • Underage drinkers account for 11.4 percent of all alcohol consumed in the US.

Recent Research

  • JAMA Pediatrics published a study about powdered alcohol that discussed the substance’s potentiality for abuse, as well as challenges associated with regulation.
  • From Stopalcoholabuse.gov, a Report to Congress on the Prevention and Reduction of Underage Drinking includes an assessment of solutions and best practices for addressing the problem.

Interesting Information


The National Organizations for Youth Safety builds partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth while encouraging youth empowerment and leadership.

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