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NOYS looks at national trends as they contribute to preventable injury and death among youth ages 15-24. In partnership with funders and community stakeholders, we build research studies and pilot projects that examine the root causes of environmental and behavioral factors negatively impacting the safety of teens and young adults. These studies and projects are offered in geographic areas disproportionally impacted by emerging national trends.

Crime & Violence Prevention

A pilot program to identify youth at-risk for gang recruitment, and develop a school-based model for helping youth stay out of gangs.

Pilot site location(s):

  1. Fairfax County, VA
  2. Loudoun County, VA

IT For Impact

A workforce development project offering hands-on learning in tech skills and game design; workforce readiness training; and an introduction to employers in the tech industry.

Pilot site location(s):

  1. Washington DC Metro Area
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. Chicago, IL
  4. Los Angeles, CA

Neuroscience & Teen Behavior

A research study on traffic crash rates, criminal records, and truancy rates for youth who commit to a regular mindfulness practice for nine months.

Pilot site location(s):

  1. Baltimore, MD
  2. Flint, MI
  3. Kalamazoo, MI

Opioid Use Community Assessment & Youth Education Program

A community assessment on current trends related to opioid use. In partnership with NOYS member health professionals, the assessment is delivered with a list of recommendations for baseline youth education and an in-school program that can be incorporated into the health and safety curriculum of the school.

Pilot site location(s):

  1. Boston, MA
  2. Loudoun County, VA
  3. Montgomery County, OH
  4. Wilmington, DE

Youth Safety U

An online platform offering interactive, classroom-ready learning modules for high school students.

Pilot site location(s):

  1. Cincinnati, OH
  2. Greenville, SC
  3. Lexington, KY
  4. Louisville, KY

Staff contact: April Rai