injury preventionInjury is probably the most under recognized major public health problem in the US. Motor vehicle injury prevention has been primary focus area for NOYS, because car crashes are, and have long been, the #1 killer of youth in the US. Respective to traffic-related injury prevention, we work to:

  • Engage youth in our work through the school-based Seat Belts Save challenge, which mobilizes teen advocates to share the message that seat belts must be used in every seat, every time!
  • Promote safe driving through our Youth Interactive Traffic Safety Lab. Teens experience¬†hands-on activities at an outdoor venue to relay information about auto maintenance, distractions, impaired driving, inclement weather, motorcycle safety, pedestrian & bicycle safety, railroad tracks, seat belt usage, sharing the road, teen passengers, and work zones.
  • Educate and offer teens, parents, and families resources through our Reality Check program, which centers on the dangers of impaired driving, whether from alcohol, drug use, or fatigue.
  • Promote safe and responsible habits as they relate to pedestrian and bicycle safety.

NOYS' efforts in the following areas can be seen through the news we share, the activities we promote, and the members we seek to engage around: