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The National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) works to reduce roadblocks facing youth as they transition to adulthood.

Our focus is youth ages 15-24. 

Our Goal

Life offers plenty of risks, some with learning and growth potential that are worth taking and those with zero pay-off and plenty of heartache. Applying to that college where you don’t know if you will be accepted. Speaking up for a cause you believe in. Asking someone out on a date. Swallowing your nerves when you agree to take on a new project at work. The truth is, with any of these risks, there’s a lot at stake. You might fail. You might do better than you dared dream. You might find your life calling. Or, you might discover that the dream wasn’t all you thought it would be. No matter what happens, with any of these risks, you have the chance to learn something along the way, be transformed and grow as an individual.

There’s another side to risk. These are the roadblocks that do nothing to help you. We’re talking risks like driving after drinking; self-harm; drug abuse. In these scenarios, the best thing that can happen is simply…nothing. Yes, it’s possible that no one will get hurt. This time. But tragedy can happen too. You could get hurt, or your friend, or a parent. Sometime could die. You wasted a risk on something with zero potential pay-off and plenty of potential heartache.

At NOYS, we want you to embrace the risks that help you grow and avoid the ones with nothing to offer. We are a collective of organizations with a host of campaigns, contests, leadership trainings, pilot projects, and workforce development tracks, all designed to equip you to become the best version of yourself, and to connect you with new opportunities.

Our Strategy

It takes a village. NOYS is a network of youth, educators, practitioners, funders, employers, and community influencers, all working together to equip youth as they transition to adulthood. All NOYS campaigns, programs, and research studies are guided by a commitment to developing young leaders and engaging youth in each step of the process.

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