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Student Driving

DMV Practice Tests, Tests for permit and driver license tests for the each state selected, Driving-Tests.org

Hidden Dangers of Distracted Driving, Education course on distractions while driving, Sandy Johnson Foundation

How-To Videos, Videos on vehicle maintenance and safe driving, Teens Learn To Drive

SmartDrive Classic, Free online defensive driving program for high school students, SmartDrive

Teen Awareness Responsibility Training, Teen training on responsible driving, The ART of Driving

Teen Driver Training Program, Advanced driving school for teens ages 15-19, Put On The B.R.A.K.E.S.

Rookie Driver, New driver resources and tips, Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Safety


Autocoach, App to assist parents on keeping their teen safe on the road, Shepherd Center

Dangers of Drowsy Driving, A classroom lesson on drowsy driving, American Association of Sleep Medicine

Distracted Driving Simulator, Virtual Reality program on the risks of distracted driving, PEERS Foundation

Drowsy Driving, A classroom skit on drowsy driving, American Association of Sleep Medicine

Drunk Driving Simulator, Virtual Reality DUI simulator, PEERS Foundation

Highway Traffic Safety Program, Resources addressing the different dangers of driving, ASPIRA

IKnowEverything, Program for teens that focuses on distracted and drunk driving, Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

Most Wanted List, Resources to raise awareness on the critical changes needed in transportation, National Transportation Board

Parent Awareness Responsibility Training, Tips for parents on helping their teen become a better driver, The ART of Driving

Rail Safety Education, Lesson plans on rail safety, Operation Lifesaver

Ride With Me, Teen-to-parent kit to help reduce teen crashes, Teens In The Driver Seat

Risky Driving, Tips, statistics, and resources on different risky driving categories, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Roadwise RX, A tool on how your medications may affect your driving, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Teen Driver Safety Week, Annual observance to educate and address the greatest dangers for teen drivers, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Teen Drive 365 In School, Lesson plans and resources on avoiding distractions and staying safe behind the wheel, Toyota

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, Curriculum for parents on supervised driving with their teen, Safe Roads Alliance

The Roadway Safety Guide, Roadway safety information for community leaders, Roadway Safety Foundation

Virtual Field Trip, Education for teachers to get an insider’s view of real world challenges faced by drivers, Toyota

Resources for Students

Autobeacon, App that prevents common aspects of dangerous driving, Autobeacon

DriveSharp, Program to help drivers react faster, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Free Traffic Safety Programs, Resources on a wide range of traffic dangers, The National Road Safety Foundation

Keys2Drive, Resources for teen drivers on safe driving by state, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

MOTOVATE, App which rewards safe driving, TextNinja

My Senior Promise, Pledge program encouraging teens to be drug free drive safely and make good decisions, National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving

Remember the Five, Five tips for safe driving, JourneySafe

Respect the Rig, Tips for sharing the road with large trucks, Teens In The Driver Seat

Snow Plow Kit, Resources on sharing the road with snow plows, Teens Learn To Drive

Teen Lane, Videos, programs, contests, and resources for teens on safe driving, The National Road Safety Foundation

Teen Safe Driving Program, Curriculum for educators on teen safe driving, In One Instant

Teen Safe Driving Summit, Annual event to build alliances and spread awareness on driving dangers, Teens In The Driver Seat

Teen Tips, Tips on safe driving for new drivers, National Foundation For Teen Safe Driving

Winter Driving Safety, Tips for staying safe in winter driving conditions, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Youth in the Driver Seat, Toolkit on teen driver safety, Youth Service America