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In May, National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) members, partners, and youth leaders from around the country observe Global Youth Traffic Safety Month (GYTSM). The annual campaign uses each week of May to highlight organizations, resources and youth who champion road safety in an effort to raise awareness and inspire individual action that can change the statistics.

Traffic crashes remain the #1 killer of teens – and summer is still the deadliest season for U.S. youth on the roads. With a very special Thunderclap on May 26, 2018 GYTSM supporters honored Gillian Sabet and Clayton Moore, two extraordinary youth who tragically lost their lives in car crashes on this day in 2005 and 2008 by pledging to be a champion of traffic safety as a driver, passenger and pedestrian.

GYTSM supporters honored:

Gillian Sabet  

Gillian Sabet was a treasure, a bundle of sparkling light and laughter from the very beginning. Jill had just that day been elected ASB president for her upcoming senior year and was to be named “Queen” of the spring dance. She and her boyfriend, Jonathan, were on the way to the spring dance and were both killed tragically, side by side, in a vehicle crash. Visit the Gillian Sabet Memorial Foundation to learn more.


Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore was a joy, full of energy and love to share with everyone. Called “Rocket Man” for his speed, Clayton displayed his talents on the baseball field. He was killed when the vehicle he was traveling in was struck while riding with his best friend. Participate in the thunderclap in honor of Clayton’s life and legacy.



Each week, a guest blog was published by NOYS member organizations who champion traffic safety causes and provide resources for youth, parents and advocates.

The guest blogs were from:


Preventing injuries and saving lives by training teens & parents to be safer drivers. Read the blog here.




Making sleep a top health priority. Read the blog here.






Leveraging behavioral sciences research to improve the health & well-being of youth, families, organizations & communities. Read the blog here.




App to help parents model, monitor and enforce safe driving practices with their teens. Read the blog here.




The campaign resulted in:

Reaching over 400,000 people through our Thunderclap Campaign!

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month was formed in 2007 by NOYS in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in support of the United Nations Global Road Safety week initiative.

Look for weekly guest blogs from GYTSM featured organizations on the bottom of our home page!

View and share the GYTSM infographic. From never driving under the influence to buckling up every time you are in the car and remembering to walk and bike defensively, we can all be champions of traffic safety as a driver, passenger and pedestrian. Together we can make a huge difference!