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Advisor-ImprovYouth Correspondents (YCs) are artists who connect with other people about stuff that matters. They’re leaders, creatives, team-players. They jump in and do work. They don’t do it perfectly. They do it creatively. They question presumptions. They push the edges of what we think is possible. They work with people who are like them and people who are different. They make things and publish, leaving themselves open to applause and criticism. They are willing to take a risk for something worth doing.

Youth Correspondents are the emerging workforce. They care about what they do. And what they do makes a difference.

NOYS thanks State Farm for its generous support of Youth Correspondents.

Youth Correspondents are youth between the ages of 15-21 who creatively use their multimedia and communication skills to share safety messages with their peers. They focus on engaging teens and young adults in authentic conversations about issues that matter. YCs have experience and/or interest in one or more of the following: journalism, creative writing, public relations, photography, graphic design, animation, film production, web design, and other forms of artistic expression. Participation in the program gives Youth Correspondents valuable experience creating published work, learning new skills, working in teams, and building new friendships. The digital portfolios created as a part of this program make an excellent addition to any resume or college application.

NOYS thanks Cooper Tire & Rubber Foundation for supporting the Youth Correspondent program.

Advisor-trainingYouth Correspondents work in small teams with a Youth Correspondent Advisor (YCA). Each team meets regularly in-person (for local teams) or via phone or video chat (for remote teams), working together to brainstorm, create, edit and finalize digital work. Youth Correspondents promote each others’ work, engage others as they seek to create positive change, and encourage each other to grow as individuals and leaders. Portfolios are published periodically throughout the year, with all portfolio submissions made available and celebrated in a digital showcase each summer. Webinars and trainings on various topics are offered to Youth Correspondent program participants. Team portfolios created as part of the 2015-2016 program year focused on Bullying, Drunk Driving, Pedestrian Safety, Speeding, and Suicide.

A digital showcase of 2015-2016 Youth Correspondent portfolios is available here.

Total monthly time commitment: approximately 6-10 hours

The application deadline for the Fall 2016 program has passed. The 2017-2018 application will be available on April 30, 2017.

Advisors-in-Old-TownYouth Correspondent Advisors serve as peer leaders, work with assigned teams of Youth Correspondents, and receive exclusive leadership training and professional development opportunities. Advisors are required to attend an in-person (all expenses paid) 3-day training in Washington, DC in September. Youth Correspondent Advisors commit to spending an additional 2-3 hours a month on the program.

Meet the Youth Correspondent Advisor Team

We are delighted to introduce you to the 2016-2017 team of Youth Correspondent Advisors!

NOYS empowers these Youth Correspondent Advisors with financial support from NHTSA.

Meet our Youth Correspondent Advisors

Questions? Contact Tiffany Aurora at 571-367-7171 or taurora@noys.org.

SF_logo_vert_standard_RGBThank you to State Farm for its generous support of the Youth Correspondents program!


Youth Correspondent Scholarship Opportunity

NOYS Announces Winner of $2,500 Reid Hollister Scholarship
The Reid Hollister Scholarship was awarded last year to Marissa Kunerth (MN). The Reid Hollister Scholarship, in memory of Reid Hollister, is a $2,500 scholarship available to one NOYS Youth Correspondent who demonstrates creativity, reach, and impact in promoting teen safe driving through increased and improved communication between teens and parents. The Reid Hollister Scholarship is graciously funded by Tim Hollister, his wife Ellen, and his daughter Martha. Read more.