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The 2017 NOYS Coalition Meeting, hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Washington, DC, provided an opportunity for champions of change to connect, collaborate, and amplify the impact of their good work.

Youth leaders, nonprofits, corporate partners, representatives of federal agencies, and more rallied together to share creative, innovative ideas addressing some of the most critical health and safety challenges facing the nation’s youth.

A few highlights from this exciting time together:

On the eve of the Coalition Meeting, NOYS members enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Newseum and networking reception at The Source.

The next morning, more than 70 change-makers arrived at NAB headquarters with a desire to learn, collaborate, and create a positive impact in the lives of youth. Each of us gained insight and inspiration from the range of perspectives represented by guest speakers and youth throughout the day.

National Association of Broadcasters Executive Vice President of Communications Dennis Wharton and Senior Manager of Public Service Suzie Raven shared effective ways organizations can build relationships with local media and utilize the power of broadcasters to promote youth safety campaigns.


“Radio and television broadcasters have the power to create positive change in the lives of youth. NAB is happy to help nonprofit organizations share important safety messages and reach the youth we care about. The NOYS meeting was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with valuable non-profit partners and share how the power of local broadcasters can impact lives.”

– Suzie Raven, National Association of Broadcasters

Youth Correspondents and Tread Wisely Ambassadors shared their experiences as young leaders participating in NOYS programs.  Attendees received an exclusive, big-screen premiere of Youth Correspondent PSAs and videos.

Adele Cehrs of Epic PR shared helpful insight into the importance of effective story-telling when communicating with your audience. Adele encouraged all NOYS members to “turn your moments into momentum”.

Nadji Kirby of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Maryland shared her highly effective pedestrian safety campaign and key take-aways on what it takes to resonate with youth and empower young leaders.

“Successful youth engagement strategies require that youth have genuine and meaningful opportunities with each other and with decision makers to impact issues.”

– Nadji Kirby, Montgomery County DOT

Attendees took part in roundtable discussions, networked with new and existing NOYS members from the youth safety and leadership field over lunch and learned more about unique research and programmatic opportunities in the exhibit hall.



Kaitlin Reimann provided a look at uBack’s easy and effective fundraising platform for individual donors and nonprofit organizations.

When we talk to donors, the #1 thing we hear is that they want giving to be social. They want it to be an experience where they can connect and engage with other individuals. It’s top of the list for what they’re focused on…They are informed… They’re charitable… and they are connected.” 

-Kaitlin Reimann, uBack
The NOYS Coalition Meeting concluded with an inspiring presentation from young leader Hana Mangat, founder of Sikh Kid 2 Kid, and victim advocates Shelley Forney and Amy Nichols, founders of Guts of Grief.






These powerful presentations reminded each of us why we do what we do and the mission that ultimately unites us all: Nurturing youth leadership and giving a platform to the youth voice, creating a positive impact through education and advocacy, and ensuring a bright, safe, healthy future for young people across the country.

As we reflect on this year’s meeting, we recognize that the time together will reverberate throughout the year. We’re more inspired than ever to collaborate and to cultivate champions of change who can effectively work together to improve the health and safety of the nation’s youth.







We encourage you to send those promised emails, make that phone call and set up that meeting with the new friends you made. Our relationships are essential to our collective power for good!

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