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Meet the 2017-2018 Youth Correspondent Advisors

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Once you’ve applied, you’re ready to join a team. Sign ups are currently being accepted for the following campaigns:


Youth Media Correspondents (YCs) are storytellers who use technical skills in media and communications to share their perspective about the world in which they live.

Every day, teens and young adults make complex decisions that impact their safety. We’re talking everything from dating relationships and driving habits to online activity, mental and physical health, and responding to peer groups.

Addressing these challenges is rarely as easy as saying, “Do this, don’t do that.” Instead, Youth Media Correspondents work to engage their peers and other adults in authentic conversations about why they do what they do, and the support that is needed for behaviors and environments to change. They do this by creating digital media that tells a specific story: their story, whatever that may be. Then they share their work online, with friends, and across the YC network.

Content Creation

NOYS thanks State Farm for its generous support of Youth Correspondents.

To become a Youth Media Correspondent, you need to:

  • Be a youth between the ages of 15-22;
  • Have at least one technical skill in media and communications (such as but not limited to photography, film production, creative writing, animation, etc.);
  • Commit to producing at least one digital creative (such as but not limited to a PSA, motion graphic, photography series, etc.);
  • Be open to giving and receiving feedback from peers; and
  • Submit the Youth Media Correspondent Application 2017.

Youth Media Correspondent applications are accepted year-round. To be considered an official YC, you must apply, join a team, and produce at least one digital creative. This process typically takes about 6-12 weeks, but varies depending on your availability, commitment level, and the type of creative you choose to make.

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Already applied and ready to join a team? Sign ups are currently being accepted for the following campaigns:

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Each month, a new safety theme is announced, and three new YC teams are formed. NOYS commissions three different creatives, one for each team. Youth Media Correspondents can choose to participate in one team per month. They elect into a team based on their interest in the topic, technical skills, and availability.


February 2018: Drunk & Drugged Driving
Team 1: Create a short video (30 seconds – 2 minutes)
Team 2: Create a series of 5-9 photographs or graphic design pieces
Team 3: Create a mini podcast (5 minutes max)

This Year’s Campaigns

October 2017: Sleep Recharges You
November 2017: Mental Health & Depression
January 2018: Electronics Overload
February 2018: Drunk & Drugged Driving
March 2018: Body Image
April 2018: Treat Me with Respect

Ready to join a team? Sign ups are currently being accepted for the following campaigns:

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Content Creation
Each team will work with two peer Advisors on the design, creation, and completion of their project. Towards the end of the month, each team will be joined by 3-4 additional peer Advisors for a feedback session (what we call a Brain Trust). Teams then have a few days to make a final round of edits before submitting their completed work.

Sample timeline:

February 2018: Drunk & Drugged Driving
Team 1: Create a 1-2 minute PSA

Kick-Off meeting: Feb 3, 8pm Eastern via Google Hangout
Get to know each other, discuss ideas for the PSA, each member leaves with next steps.

Design meeting: Feb 10, 8pm Eastern via Google Hangout
Each member shares what they worked on over the past week. The team finalizes their script and production schedule and agrees on who will be in charge of each section. Members leave with a clear understanding of next steps and deadlines.

Mid-Point meeting: Feb 17, 8pm Eastern via Google Hangout
Team members share their work, offer feedback to each other, and plan next steps for editing and assembling the final project.

Brain Trust meeting: Feb 24, 8pm Eastern via Google Hangout
Team assembles to share their work with 3-4 additional Advisors, who join to offer feedback on the storyline and its delivery. Team members leave after identifying what (if anything) they will choose to edit and who is responsible for what. One team member takes responsibility for uploading the final product to NOYS.org.

Feb 31: Teams submit creatives online at NOYS.org.

February: All creatives that meet spec will be published in the Youth Media Correspondent Digital Showcase by the end of the month. 

April: Advisor team meets to review creatives from February and March. They select 2-3 creatives to be published and promoted by NOYS across its social media channels. YCs who contributed to the selected creatives will receive a letter of recognition from NOYS.

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The following benefits are offered to Youth Media Correspondent applicants:

  • Webinars and trainings on safety issues such as suicide prevention, depression and mental health, drunk and drugged driving, sports and recreation, and violence prevention and response;
  • Access to technical trainings held in different locations across the country; and
  • Regular notifications about youth leadership and workforce development opportunities.

Once YCs have successfully submitted their first digital creative, they become eligible for all of the above benefits PLUS:

  • Eligibility to apply to join the Youth Media Correspondents Advisory Board for the 2018-2019 academic year;
  • Consideration to have their work published and promoted by NOYS across its social media channels; and
  • Inclusion in the online Youth Media Correspondent Digital Creatives showcase.

Youth Media Correspondents who have successfully submitted 2-4 digital creatives become eligible for all of the above benefits PLUS:

  • Invitations to apply for all-expenses-paid trainings and professional development opportunities related to their fields of interest. Examples of previous opportunities include attending the CADCA National Conference; receiving PR training from a former DC news anchor; speaking at a national press conference with elected officials; conference workshop presentations; and technical trainings.
  • Opportunities to join Special Media Project teams who give feedback to media companies and PR departments about real campaigns targeting youth.
  • Letter of Recommendation from NOYS.

Once YCs have successfully submitted five or more digital creatives, they become eligible for all of the above benefits PLUS: 

  • Invitations to work on special commissioned projects; and
  • A personal introduction from NOYS to a media firm or marketing department currently offering internship opportunities.

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Apply now! Applications are accepted year-round, with new teams meeting each month.

Already applied and ready to join a team? Sign ups are currently being accepted for the following campaigns:

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Advisor-trainingYouth Media Correspondent Advisors (YCAs) fill different leadership positions within the program. Examples of leadership positions include Technical Expert, Project Manager, Team Coach, and more. This year’s Advisor team is now full. We will begin accepting applications in May 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Beginning next year, only Youth Media Correspondents who have successfully submitted a minimum of two digital creatives will be eligible to apply for Advisor positions. If you’re interested in one of these roles, we encourage you to enroll in the program this year and make sure you finish at least two digital creatives.

NOYS empowers these Youth Media Correspondent Advisors with financial support from NHTSA.

Meet the 2017-2018 Youth Correspondent Advisors

Questions? Contact Tiffany Aurora at 571-367-7171 or taurora [at] NOYS [dot] org.

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SF_logo_vert_standard_RGBThank you to State Farm for its generous support of the Youth Correspondents program!

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  • Sharon Mandrano

    says on:
    September 20, 2018 at 8:12 am

    Is it too late to become a Youth Correspondent? I have two daughters who are Seniors in high school. They both are required to participate in service learning experiences. I think that this would be good for them. They attend Providence High School in Charlotte, NC. One of my daughters is actually studying TV Production this year, and she is part of the “Morning Roar”, which is a school news production that is aired every morning in the school.

    • June Hughes

      says on:
      September 20, 2018 at 11:55 am

      Thank you for your interest in the Youth Correspondents program. We are still open for applicants. Please have your daughters fill out the online application. We will set up a short phone interview once we receive their applications.
      Thanks for reaching out!


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