Treat Me With Respect

domestic abuseAbuse has an insidious nature: victims often feel shame because they think they should have known better than to get into a certain situation, or they think they deserved what happened to them. Abusers rely on a cycle of shame and silence to cover their abuse. The result? Victims often stay quiet, and the cycle of violence continues.

What You Can Do

In this campaign, youth are invited to tell their stories anonymously or talk about the importance of speaking up. In a video, you might only see a silhouette. For an audio recording, a different person might record the narrative. The purpose of the campaign is to give a voice to victims who are ready to share what happened, but prefer to do so anonymously.  Choose one resource from the list of resources below and end your piece by asking the audience to use that resource whenever they need it.



Do you have a story to share? Upload your story anonymously through our online submission portal, or post your video or photos online and tag @NOYSNews on any of our social media channels.