Seat Belts Save Challenge NOW OPEN!

Seat Belts Save Registration!

The Seat Belts Save Challenge is NOW OPEN!

Three $1,500 prizes are awarded to schools and community groups for:

  • Highest seat best use rate
  • Best educational campaign 
  • Greatest increase in seat belt usage

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

General Motors

Gillian Sabet Memorial Foundation

The Seat Belts Save challenge takes place in communities across the country to increase the number of teens who wear seat belts, educate parents and the community at large about the importance of seat belt usage. Teams conduct an un-announced seat belt check in a community or school parking lot to determine baseline usage among drivers and passengers (optional: cars with belted passengers receive “smarties” candy while unrestrained passengers receive “dumdum” candy). A second un-announced check is conducted after a two-week comprehensive educational campaign to assess whether or not education, increased awareness, and incentives can increase seat belt usage in communities. Teams are encouraged to include many different members of the community to participate including: Law enforcement, fire, rescue, local media, parent and student groups.

Volunteer teams are overseen by a representative of the school or club advisor, but always planned and implemented by teens. The challenge opens each fall on September 1.

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