Electronics Overload

electronics overloadScreen time can be fun. The problem is that too much of it can take a toll on your health and your grades. The typical teenager logs more than 7 hours a day and more than 50 hours a week glued to a television, computer, or cell phone. We have to learn how to create balanced relationships with so many other things in life, from food and alcohol to our relationships with other people. Why do we treat screens any differently?

The Experiment

For one week, carve out a specific time of the day when you will choose to not be in front of any type of screen. This is called your Screen Break. You can choose 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour – any amount of time you think you can really commit to. Now, make plans for each of those days with a friend or family member, tell them about your experiment, and ask them to commit to their own Screen Break that day. Do something fun together. Play a sport, sit and catch up, show off your board game skills – anything to be present with the other person. After your screen break is done, write a short reflection on the experience. What did you like? What was challenging? Weave together your narrative from the week, or work with some friends to create a collective narrative.


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