Congratulations to the 2019 Seat Belts Saves Challenge Winners

The Seat Belts Save Challenge is sponsored by General Motors and the Gillian Sabet Memorial Foundation.  The Challenge takes place in communities across the country to increase the number of teens who wear seat belts, educate parents and the community at large about the importance of seat belt usage. Teams conduct an unannounced seat belt check-in a community or school parking lot to determine baseline usage among drivers and passengers. A second un-announced check is conducted after a two-week comprehensive educational campaign to assess whether or not education, increased awareness, and incentives can increase seat belt usage in communities. Teams are encouraged to include many different members of the community to participate including law enforcement, fire, rescue, local media, parent and student groups.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Seat Belt Saves Challenge Winners



Highest Seat Belt Use Rate - Jack E. Singley Academy 

saThe Singley team was successful by posting information around their school, sending emails to all students, running a social media campaign, and speaking one-on-one with students in the cafeteria during lunches.  Their grassroots approach garnered the highest seat belt use!



Largest Increase in Seat Belt Use - Forest Park High School

FPHSForest Park promoted seat belt safety by traditional communications such as school posters, PA announcements, and table sharing info during lunch shifts.  Their simple and straightforward approach was most effective!




Overall Best Campaign - Ridgevue Highschool 

RHSRidgdvue did an amazing job by having students write "Buckle Up" in black permanent marker on orange ribbons and then their SB team tied the ribbons on students backpacks. They tied approx. 800 ribbons. The great thing about this project is that the team was interacting with students face to face spreading the message and the ribbons were clearly visible on students backpacks for months after the initial interaction as a constant reminder to Buckle Up.



Thanks again to our generous sponsors who make this program possible!