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The rules of the challenge are outlined below and in the full Implementation Guide. To participate in the NOYS Seat Belts Save Challenge and qualify for prizes, schools must adhere to these rules and deadlines. Failure to follow the rules in their entirety may result in disqualification.

1. Register online and complete and return the School Participation Form. The form must be signed by an advisor and the school principal and emailed to support@noys.org by November 1st.

2. Conduct unannounced seat belt checks. Seat Belts Save is designed to increase awareness and use of seat belts among high school students. The challenge involves two UNANNOUNCED checks of student seat belt use. Schools that announce the seat belt check in advance will be disqualified. The first seat belt check should be conducted at the start of the campaign using the Seat Belt Check Form and before any education efforts take place. Data collected will represent the student body’s baseline for seat belt use. The results of the second seat belt check will indicate the effectiveness of each school’s education and outreach activities. The seat belt checks are mandatory and must be completed by the registered school group. Anyone who is riding in a vehicle that accesses the high school’s campus (students, parents, and faculty) should be checked. Multiple Seat Belt Check Forms will be needed by each team to record results.

3. Conduct an education campaign. The education campaign should begin within 72 hours after the first unannounced seat belt check and should be ongoing for a two-week period. The second unannounced seat belt check should take place 48 to 72 hours after the last day of the education campaign.

4. Complete efforts. The two seat belt checks and the education campaign should be conducted by December 1st.

5. Submit results and report. The results of the two seat belt checks and a summary of the education campaign must be submitted by December 15th. Submit the Final Report.