• Injury Prevention

    Teen drivers become more reckless with age. Overconfidence leads to increased risk-taking.

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  • Substance Abuse Prevention

    Teen deaths from drug overdoses doubled from 1999-2015. Opioids play a key role.

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  • Violence Prevention

    Bullying tops parents' back-to-school worries. One in 3 parents reports being very concerned about bullying.

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  • The Great American No Bull Challenge

    The NO BULL Challenge is a leadership and social action program that inspires teens and young adults to stand against bullying and say NO BULL.

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  • Become an Advocate.

    Learn the facts and save a life.

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  • Show What You Know.

    Take the quizzes about traffic safety.

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  • Who Cares?

    Companies that have pledged to protect our future youth.

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